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Poster: Mandojammer Date: Jan 20, 2009 11:10am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: He's Gone...a musical farewell

BD - I have a library of 'horror' novels. I have Greider's book, but haven't read it yet.

Currently working through "The Fourth Turning", "Demise of the Dollar" and "Financial Armageddon".

Just finished "Creature From Jekyll Island" and Twilight In The Desert"

Pretty sobering shit - Fourth Turning and Financial Armageddon are giving/gave me nightmares. When you consider that China recently internationalized the yuan and the Gulf Cooperation Council (4-5 oil producing states) just implemented their own common, gold backed currency (the kaleej) and announced that starting in 2010 they will only accept gold or the kaleej for their oil (we get 12-15% of our oil from that group) can anyone help but conclude that the dollar dominos are starting to fall?

And the two worst criminals (Paulson and Bernanke) advocate (with the near unanimous support of the House and Senate) "spending" our way out of this hole??? A fucking hole created by excessive spending?????? We are screwed.

You and I only have two options regarding our debt - 1. Pay it off or 2. Default.

Apparently the government has added a third option - 3. Print so much freaking money we'll inflate the debt away.

I sincerely wish Obama the best. Even though I didn't vote for him, around noon today he became MY President and as such has my faithful support. I don't think he has a true idea of the scope of the impending economic collapse this country is headed for.

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Poster: barongsong Date: Jan 21, 2009 10:17am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: He's Gone...a musical farewell

Some things Obama said in his Inaugural speech hinted that he maybe does have a clue to the cause of America's financial woes. Hope he does and that he has the strength and will to act on it. Monetary Reform Now!!